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Important information regarding your consultation at Retina & Eye Consultants.

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Referral to Retina & Eye Consultants

Your ophthalmologist, GP, optometrist or specialist can refer you to Retina & Eye Consultants. The referral is an important document that outlines your eye problem and your relevant medical history. A referral is required so that you can claim Medicare benefits for your visit, and should be addressed to the doctor you will see.

Making an appointment at Retina & Eye Consultants

Please phone our Hurstville Rooms: (02) 9570 1622

Our reception staff will:
give an approximate cost for your consultation, and send a letter confirming your appointment, and a health questionnaire. This facilitates your treatment – please return this to us promptly by mail, email or fax.

What to bring to your visit:

  • Referral letter from you GP, optometrist or referring health practitioner
  • List of medications and medical history
  • Prescription spectacles
  • Medicare Card
  • Health insurance details
  • Sunglasses (to reduce effects of glare after pupil dilation)

Community Transport for your appointment

There are Community Transport services available to your area.

We are grateful for the convenience offered by Community Transport services to the care of our patients; most notably:

To find a service close to you, please visit the Community Transport Organisation (CTO) website.

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About Retina & Eye Consultants

At Retina & Eye Consultants we strive to provide the highest possible standard of care at all times, to all our patients.

The eye doctors are assisted by a highly professional and caring staff, including retina-trained orthoptists and nurse, and an experienced medical reception staff.

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