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Cataract Surgery

Retina & Eye Consultants are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts.

A cataract is clouding, or opacification, of the lens of the eye.

As a cataract develops, vision becomes blurred and dulled. Either near vision or distance vision, or both, might be affected. Other symptoms can include glare, dulling of colour vision, and night vision difficulties, often with starbursts and haloes around lights.

Cataracts develop as a part of the ageing process, and are more common in people who are short-sighted (myopic) or who have diabetes. Sometimes they can have a genetic cause and run in families, or be due to eye trauma, inflammation or even systemic medications. Cataracts usually develop slowly and progressively.

Cataract in human eye

Cataract in human eye

Cataracts are treated by an operation. Surgery is performed when vision is impacted (there is no need to wait until impairment is severe), and since cataracts progress relatively slowly, the timing of surgery can be organised to suit you.
The process of treating a cataract begins with a comprehensive medical consultation focussing on your eye symptoms, past eye history and general health, and includes a full eye examination. If a cataract is present, we will talk with you about the best approach to treatment, including the cataract surgery procedure and the choice of intraocular lens.

A set of eye measurements will be organised before surgery, so that the artificial lens can be chosen.

Modern cataract surgery is safe and effective. The opacified natural lens is replaced by a clear artificial lens (intraocular lens or “IOL”). Surgery is performed under assisted local anaesthetic, as a day procedure, and permits a quick return to normal activities.

Our surgeons operate locally, for your maximal convenience.

Hospitals include Waratah Private Hospital Hurstville, President Private, Chatswood Private Hospital, Sydney Surgical Centre Randwick and Kareena Private Hospital, Caringbah.

If you would like more information on cataract surgery, please call and speak to one of our friendly clinic staff or alternatively email us at

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