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Our Support Staff

At Retina Consultants our doctor's are assisted by a highly caring and professional team.

Reception staff

Our dedicated and friendly Medical Reception staff is on hand to assist you with all aspects of your visit, including booking appointments, practical clinic information such as directions to us, transport links and consultation costs.

Our reception staff prides themselves on providing the highest level of care and utmost respect to all our patients and visitors.

If you would like to book an appointment or have any queries regarding an appointment telephone

(02) 9570 1622.


Retina Consultants

Orthoptic and Nursing Staff

Retina consultants have a team of highly professional and caring retina trained orthoptists and registered nurses.

They will assess a patient and perform relevant tests prior to you seeing the doctor. This may include the following:

  • Taking a full Medical and Ophthalmic history
  • Checking Visual Acuity
  • Measuring Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP)
  • Installation of dilating drops
  • Diagnostic tests including Optical Coherence Tomography and Fluorescein Angiography

They will also:
Assist the doctor with procedures such as intravitreal therapy, photodynamic therapy, provide patient education and organise surgical bookings.

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About Retina Consultants

At Retina Consultants we strive to provide the highest possible standard of care at all times, to all our patients.

Our eye doctors are assisted by a highly professional and caring staff, including retina-trained orthoptists and nurse, and an experienced medical reception staff.

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Fax: (02) 9570 1699
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